Vocal Keymaster Session- May 12th 2012

Hi all,

Please note the keymaster session for May 12th is being hosted by Tristan Cook.  Please see the topic details below.  Students can sign-up by calling reception or administration.


“Vocal Keymaster Session”

Making A Song Your Own

So often this phrase is thrown around American Idol, X Factor, “Whichever Country’s” Got Talent etc.  But what does it truly mean, and more importantly; how do you accomplish it?  Likewise in shows like Glee with unique Mashups and arrangements, what are things you can look for to approach a song in different ways without losing any musical, or artistic integrity while simultaneously captivating an audience?

This hands on workshop requires participants to be prepared to work on two different songs (though one will be chosen by the host.)

It is open to all faculties for voice only, or playing and singing on an instrument.

Please bring sheet music if you require accompaniment.


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