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Upcoming Important Dates

Below you will find a list of important upcoming dates for March-April 2013.


March 29th – School is closed for Good Friday.

April 1st – We are open for regular classes even though it is Easter Monday.

April 6th- Adult performance group- 9:30am

April 12- Open Mic Night- 7:15pm

Please check with me to see if your child has a song ready and can sign up for the recital.

April 19th- Sign-up recitals 5pm-7-pm

April 20th – SIgn-up recitals 12pm-3pm

April 26th- Jam Nite 7:15pm



New kind of metronome

Hi Everyone,

I have something exciting to write about. I keep in touch with my past piano  and voice teachers, and while reading a post by Anne Crosby I learned about this new updated metronome!!

It looks and sounds amazing- its not only a metronome but a practise journal. I feel that every student should have something like this to help them with rhythm and keep track of their weekly practise.

check it out here: