So today is the day!

Hi Everyone!
The album has so far been put into rotation on Funky Kids Radio in Australia. Which is really exciting. This album is great for children age 0-10, but is “very soothing and relaxing music that is also entertaining for adults too” as a friend of mine said to me recently. It’s for the young and the young at heart.There are a few ways to get the album
Physical CD- $10
1.You can order a copy through Bandcamp

Digital Album- Price is determined by the distrubting company so you can use the one you use the most.
1. Amazon– Australia, Eurpoe, Asia, USA
2. itunes– worldwide
3. will also be avalaible on googleplay, cdbaby, bandcamp, and  all major digital distrubutor and streaming companies.

I’d like to thank-you in advance for your support! Please pass along to anyone you may know that might be interested.


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Funky Kids Radio

Exciting new everyone! Dreams has been added to rotation for R &R and also Liam’s farm and Hayden’s Journey and If I were a Wizard into general programming too, on FUnky Kids Radio in Australia! check them out:

Dreams- is avalaible for purchase on Https:// for 10$ plus shipping and tax
and all main digital and streaming sites starting March 12th! get your copy!!

Now takng pre-orders for Dreams EP

Hey everyone!

So the worldwide release date of my début children’s EP entitled Dreams will be on March 12th 2015.

I am currently taking pre-orders in person if you see me often you can buy directly from me and I am also taking orders  online now for hard copies worldwide


Where you can also sample Dreams Lullaby full song sreaming.

A teaser of all the tracks is avalaible at this site

On March 12 the album will also be avalible on itunes and all other major digital distributors and streaming services.

Thanks for your support in advance!


Recording and mixing

Recording and mixing

Dec 31 of 2014 was spent finishing up the main recording of the insturmentals and got all the vocals recorded. Then began the process of mixing the songs. This takes much longer then one would imagine. After approx. 15 hous of recording each songs mixing process will take around 1 hour for each song. This will mostly take place in the upcoming session on Jan 24th. Looking forward to it. As this process goes along the more excited I am to share the EP with the world!

Recording Session-#2 Dreams EP

Well today was a fun and productive day at B Town Sound Recording Studio for our second recording session .  Between the 2 recording sessions we have done 10 hours studio time.  Today we began the day by laying down the instrumental parts for Hayden’s Journey this included piano (myself), guitar (Al Serediuk), and cello (Loretta Hale)…with a rough vocal line to help for cues. This piece is going to be gorgeous with beautiful cello lines, great imagery and instrumental painting.  From there we went on to adding in some mandolin and banjo to Liam’s Farm to make it even more of a country farm tune!

We then laid down the instrumental tracks for If I were a Wizard (piano and guitar).

From there we went back to Big Sister’s which we got the bulk of the instrumental recorded in the first session we began by recording vocal melody and harmonies multiple times to get layering and other aspects sounding really good. After Justin had enough takes of the vocals we moved on to having Al add in the mandolin to this song, which just made it sound all the better.

To make it an even more productive day, we did a few fix ups on Dreams Lullaby which the EP is named after and did a few preliminary  vocal tracks for Liam’s Farm and If I were a Wizard. Over all a productive day. Next recording session is booked for Dec 31st, super excited!! Until then I hope you all have a save and happy holiday!

Pictures below of Loretta Hale (cello) and Al Serediuk (mandolin)



Recording Dreams EP


The process of getting to the point of recording this EP has been a long one. It began back in Nov.2013 when I was sparked with the idea of writing children’s songs based of things tge young children in my family liked. Out of this 10 songs were written, five of which will be released offically on this upcoming EP. Having previously released some classical singles digitally from live performance recordings, to me the next logical step was to release music I had written myself. I began working with a co-worker on intsrumental arrangements, and began a funding campaign through to raise funds to help with the prduction of the EP. The idea to even look for outside funding came when local well known band Walk off the Earth, was using patron funding to help them continue to make videos. 
So, now that I had funding along with some of my own resources, finding a studio to record in was the next logical step. After many recommendations we went with B Town Sound, which after choosing the studio found out that was where WOTE also records. So unknowingly WOTE has had a small part to play. Actually having known the work (since I unknowingly own a bunch of albums he has worked on) of the owner Justin Koop. Who we actually got to work on this album with us. 
We had our first in studio recording session and boy was that a learning curve. Having only ever done live one shoot recordings, this was a new experience. With this EP the goal is to have 5 tracks followed by 5 bonus instrumental tracks. In thr first 5 hour recording session we got the instrumental tracks laid for 3 of 5 songs. It was a great experience and fun but a lot of work. Looking forward to the next session in 2 days.

For more pictures and information check out my facebook artist page


Hi All,


A friend of mine has developed and released  a new music app for ipad and other Apple devices. There is an app for students and an app for teachers.

Please check it out at click on the website link or  PDFbrochure link below for more details.  I hope you will buy it and try it out. It is an innovative tool.

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