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Artist: Ian Green

Album: Starlight


Genre: Easy Listening/piano solo

Sounds like: G. Holst/ Hagood Hardy/ Philip Glass

Standout songs: Starlight/ A Peaceful Event/ White Sound/ Open Waters

If you are looking for a relaxing album of music to help with winding down after a long day this album is a great way to do it. Grab a cup of tea or in the summer a bowl of ice cream snuggle up on the chesterfield and relax. This album easily lets you drift to new worlds in your imagination as the music evokes images in your mind. The album is filled with beautiful soaring and soul filled  original melodies played clearly and crisply on solo piano.  A Peaceful Event: The deep rich tones of the sustained chords in this piece bring a depth to the song reminiscent of the style of Gustav Holst’s- The Planets while bring images to mind of the vastness of outer space. The melody line is light and nicely contrasts the darker suspended chords intensity  along with nicely placed resolutions. Open Waters:  This piece evokes the feeling of becoming the water itself you can feel yourself moving with the water through different terrain and how that terrain changes the water itself, while losing yourself in the moment of the music.  Starlight: The lilting melody and tonal colour changes throughout this piece are reminiscent of the style of Hagood Hardy drawing the listener in. While creating a sense of a star lit  sky shining brightly and moments of a falling stars are evoked by the use of falling melodic lines and strategically placed dynamics helping to create an image before your eyes. White Sound: This song begins with a pointillistic/minimalistic feel and creates a sense of style similar to that of Philip Glass. This motive returns a few times throughout the piece and is well contrasted by a lyrical soaring melody line  which grows as the piece progresses. This album leaves you wanting to hear more from this up and coming solo pianist.

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Dreams- Reviews

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share with you the great recent shout outs/ reviews that have come our way for my Children’s EP Album Dreams.


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And the latest from the music blog of Kids Music That Rocks- click link.

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Crossed the Divide- A Love Song- single COMING MAY 6th

Hey everyone,

So back over the break in March we spent some time in studio recording a wedding love song- entitled Crossed the Divide for a lovely couple Jenni and Johnny for their wedding in Ireland this coming summer!

Crossed the Divide is a love song about two people who came together from vastly different worlds and fell in love with each other! Genre is a mix – singer-songwriter, folk, world music.

This song will be coming out on pretty much all digital and streaming platforms May 6th, 2015.

Crossed the Divide Cover Art

For those of you who follow this blog you get to hear it first from sound cloud.

Lyrics by Stephanie Coldwell-Anderson (SOCAN)
Music by Stephanie Coldwell-Anderson and Al Serediuk
Vocals/Piano- Stephanie Coldwell-Anderson
Classical Guitar- Al Serediuk
Cello- Loretta Hale (Andre Bisson Band and The Rosetta String Duo)
Cover Art Design Layout: Robyn Pauhl, cover art used with a standard license agreement © Lonely__
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Justin Koop (Walk off the Earth, Suzie McNeil, Newworldson) of B Town Sound, Burlington, Ontario