September 2012 Registration


Registration period is here again  and in just over a week it will begin on May 1st 2012 . I just wanted to post a few reminders for Parents. Please note that every request will be taken care of on a first come first served basis so I encourage you to register early.

How to Register:

Registration will begin on  May 1st 2012. Please note that this year we will not have Paper Registration forms. However, you may use any one of the effective options below to complete your registration;

  1. Online at . Customer will need their login and password. They will get an email with this information or they can call the school.
  2. Over the phone. During the month of May, any one who wants to register via phone can call into the school and register. They will be transferred to an Education Advisor or Administrator to assist them.
  3. In Person. A student is able to come into the school and register in person with an Administrator or Education Advisor. No appointment is necessary.
When registering you will have 3 options to choose from.

Option 1:  KEEP THE SAME DAY AND TIME  AND TEACHER. (guaranteed until May 31st)

Option 2 : Request a change to any of the following : Teacher, day, time or instrument change . If you are only requesting a day and time change please  still indicate that you want me ( Stephanie Coldwell-Anderson) as your teacher.

If you are looking to do a change of teacher as you are moving on to a higher level of piano training, I always work with the lesson coordinator to insure that you get a good fit and what you are looking for. We no longer do teacher recommendations as things change to much during registration.  If you are looking to do a teacher change under option 2 be sure to indicate  the following things.

1. If you are a student with special needs that may request special attention or need a specific teacher, please indicate this on your registration form so we can  consider this during their placement.

2. Decided as a parent and child what  kind of teacher you are looking for in  terms of traits and qualities of the teacher (ex. Female/Male, structured, soft spoken,high level, laid back etc).

Option 3:  Not Returning next year.

If you are not returning  for the 2012-2013 school year, it is important you indicate this by choosing option 3.  When choosing this option please indicate why you are leaving, so that the school will know your reasoning.

If you are not returning and you know this now. I ask that on May 1st  or soon after you inform me (verbally) and the school through registration , as this allows us to free up the spot for other student change requests and allows me to  work on my student schedule for next year with the lesson coordinator.

If you are considering leaving for other reasons then your child is going off to University, please speak with me about options for your child at the school.  We have many group programs and different instruments that you can consider a change to under option 2.

Benefits of Registration:

  1. If requesting different teacher and/or time, there is a better chance of getting what you request.
  2. There are more scheduling options available for those that register early.
  3. Student is guaranteed to keep their current spot if we are unable to accomodate changes.
  4. Student will lock in the current rate unless switching to a different teacher with a different rate.
  5. Your spot is  always guaranteed until May 31st, after this date the spot will be released.

There is a late fee of $25 for each student that registers after the deadline. The student also risks losing their spot.

Please feel free to contact me  by email should you have any questions or concerns.