Hayden’s Journey Project

“So I’m working on a little project for one of my children’s songs and need your help! smile emoticon Because I can sing but I can’t draw !!. I wanted this to be open participation in a creative process. Please pass this e-mail around to people you know who may be interested in participating. Submissions from adults and children accepted ! I am looking for multiple drawings or artist creation , painting etc ( see below list) in any style.. You can choose one or all categories to submit for, all chosen works will be featured in a video complication for my youtube page to go with my song. All submissions should be properly scanned and submitted to me as a high quality photo usually a PNG does a nice job to sakuramelodymusic (at) gmail.com

I’m looking for people (adults and children) to do drawings of the following scene’s from my song Hayden’s Journey- should be Blond haired blue eyed boy with shitzu/maltese dog ( try your best !)

1. Blond haired blue eyed boy playing in his backyard in Australia with his dog Millie (shitzu/maltese) and his Kangaroo.
2. boy talking with his dog about going on a trip.
3. travelling pictures getting from Australia to Canada
4. Landing in a snowy Canada and then making friends with a polar bear
5. (boy, dog, kangaroo, polar bear) making a snowman together
6. (boy, dog, kangaroo, polar bear) skating on a pond
7. (boy, dog, kangaroo, polar bear) building a snow fort in the grandparents backyard.
8. The little boy packing to go back to Australia
9. little boy leaving his grandparents and waving good bye to them and the polar bear
10. The polar bear taking to the little boy before he leaves to go.
11.drawings of the little boy playing in the backyard of his Australian home

take a listen here https://soundcloud.com/stephanie-c-a/haydens-journey

Deadline for submission July 31st, 2015

Thanks for your help!!”IMG_20141205_190851


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