We Keep a Light!

A very personal and important cause has come to my attention today, being from Nova Scotia I have a heritage related to the land and sea. The lighthouse in Margaretsville, Nova Scotia where my great grandfather and great great granduncle where both keepers of the lighthouse has rescently been determined that this lighthouse is now considered a government surplus and it will no longer be funded. Please help save this light house by please voting for and if possible donating to the fund to keep it maintained, without it Margaretsville looses an important cultural landmark, heritage and tourist attraction. I am greatful to anyone who can help. https://thisplacematters.ca/…/margaretsville-lighthouse-he…/

 This is one of my most favourite places in the world! Below you will find pictures of it…. this is one of the places I would go to seek refuge.
1387837352_942790d434 6588065975_e3548ddf91_z e6366763ca94dfde46c17a6210b2d975 Margaretsville Lighthouse 7b160f4820916947939b1a34db9653ba

Thank-You from the bottom of my heart! Please share and if possible RT.


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